Which businesses support?

On 4 July 2016, approximately fifty businesses in the garments and textile sector signed to declare their support  the agreement. The number of signatories has grown since then. The aim is for 80% of all garment and textile businesses in the Netherlands to have signed the agreement by 2021. 

All signatories support the aims and arrangements set out in the agreement. Many of them were already involved in initiatives to make the garment and textile supply chain more sustainable, either on their own or in cooperation with others. Some had only recently got started, while others had considerable experience. The agreement allows businesses to share what they have learned with one another without encroaching on one another’s (competitive) preserve. 

Due diligence is central to the agreement. As part of an annual cycle, these businesses identify the biggest risks to sustainability and develop an action plan for tackling those risks. They also share certain basic aggregate data, for example on production sites, with the public. 

Which business support the agreement?

Involved in the IRBC agreement

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