13 Risk sectors for IRBC

Companies run various risks in terms of international responsible business conduct (IRBC). For example, there may be risks involved in importing raw materials or goods. They could also find themselves doing business with enterprises that cause environmental pollution or that employ children. In 2014, KMPG conducted a study showing that these risks are present in 13 different sectors.

They are:

  • construction
  • chemicals 
  • retail trade 
  • energy 
  • financial sector 
  • wholesale 
  • wood and paper 
  • agriculture and horticulture 
  • metalworking/electronics 
  • oil and gas 
  • textile and garment 
  • food

Companies that wish to practise international responsible business conduct can avoid such risks. The report ‘MVO Sector Risico Analyse’ can help them because it describes the risks.

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